Cooking Matters at the store

Cooking Matters at the Store serves low-income families across the country in our local grocery stores. These tours typically include a field trip to the grocery store, which always proves to be eye-opening for our participants. Tours can be led in any community, anywhere people shop for food. It includes two specialized curricula - one for adults and one for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program parents.

During the one and a half hour-tour, participants are empowered with four key food skills:
  • - Reading food labels
  • - Comparing unit prices
  • - Finding whole grain foods
  • - Identifying three ways to purchase produce

Cooking Matters at the Store often ends in the $10 Challenge, an activity where participants use the skills they've just learned to buy a healthy meal for a family of four, for under $10. Participants also take home a booklet with recipes and shopping tips, a reusable grocery bag, and $10 worth of healthy groceries that they purchase with the $10 gift card to the participating grocery store.



Host a Tour in Your Community