Do you have some of the following qualities/interests?

  • Community minded
  • Nutrition or public health student
  • Culinary student or interest in the culinary field
  • Concerned about food equity
  • Love to teach
  • Self-directed
  • Cooking Matters Connecticut has a variety of intern opportunities to engage the college student in meaningful hands on community experiences. Working closely with the coordinator, class managers and outreach staff, a student will find themselves amerced in the world of food. For many people not having enough food to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a reality. Together with community volunteers, Cooking Matters engages families in a 6-week series as they learn to navigate MyPlate, label reading, working through a recipe from beginning to end, as well as learning to maneuver through a grocery store.

    Other aspects of an internship may engage the student in creating visual tools for the classroom, powerpoints, cooking and nutrition demos, community outreach, and more.

    We recognize the value of having students join us and want to make sure that each students' experience is unique and meaningful. We always request input from each student on their ideas to better tailor the program giving them the most rewarding practical hands-on experience.

    For further information regarding joining the Cooking Matters intern team, email