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The Chef Instructor's role is to teach participants the basics of food and kitchen safety, food preparation, and making healthy choices and substitutions when cooking. Classes are highly participatory; therefore, chefs must demonstrate proper techniques and then allow participants to practice new skills. These skills include safe knife handling and core cooking techniques such as sautéing, roasting, baking, etc. Chefs also need to facilitate discussions on healthy and budget-conscious food behavior such as eating more fruits and vegetables, choosing whole grains, reading labels, making foods that can be used in multiple meals, and shopping smart at the grocery store. We provide recipes, but you are more than welcome to introduce some of your own! You do not need to be a chef in a professional kitchen to volunteer—culinary students, personal chefs, caterers, food service managers, etc. are all welcome.

When applying, please choose Community Health Network of CT Foundation in the dropdown menu as shown below.